anja molendijk - leadworks

lead, obscure, heavy and poisonous, is associated with saturn, where, according to the alchimist's conception, often the mystery lies hidden. within the lead, i.e. the arcane substance, lives a demon or a soul that wants to be freed.

sheet lead nails acid wood - 50X25 - 2013

someday maybe   lead 75X100 2012

fries - 20X38cm - lead sheet, wood

geh in mein kämmerlein - 30X30cm - lead sheet, acid, wood

ikone - 25X30cm - lead sheet, oil color, wood

lautertal - 20X44cm - lead sheet, oil color, acid, wood

graie - 20X38cm - lead sheet, wood

wo ist marduk? - 52X42cm - lead sheet, wood

cinq semaines - 42X52cm - lead sheet, wood

es fielen blüten zur nacht - 52X42cm - lead sheet, wood

what are the chances? - 10X42cm - lead sheet, oil color, wood

crinoid - 10X40cm - lead sheet, oil color, wood

quadrille - 55X150cm - lead sheet, wood

o.t. lead sheet tin 30X40

le roi sauvage - 40X120cm - lead sheet, wood